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Cavern Diver

Cavern and Cave courses appeal to divers who want to learn more about diving in overhead environments (areas without direct access to the surface). These classes open a whole new world of dive locations to explore in Florida as well as around the world. Training takes place in a variety of freshwater springs located in North Florida. The cavern and cave courses utilize eLearning to set the stage and are followed by a combination of land drills, open water drills, cavern and cave dives. The cavern course is 2 days, intro to cave is 2 days and the full cave diver course is 4 days.

The goal of these course is to make you a comfortable and competent diver in the overhead environment. This requires redundant equipment configurations, proper buoyancy and trim, new emergency skill practice and guideline work. 

We run courses frequently and on-demand with up to 3 students maximum. Minimum age to start is 18 years old.  Give us a call to get more information or sign up for class.

Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information

Course goals:

  • Review eLearning and have any questions answered before heading to the water.
  • Participate in land drills covering:
    • Guideline use including primary and secondary tie-off, placements and wraps
    • Light communication
    • Out of gas with lights and lights out
    • Use of arrows and cookies
    • Lost line drill
    • Lost buddy drill
    • Anti-silting techniques
  • Practice all land drills during actual cavern and cave dives​
  • Demonstrate anti-silting techniques
  • Single line guideline navigation to start building up to complex navigation with jumps, gaps, circuits and traverses
  • Redundant equipment configuration
    • Backmount doubles or sidemount​
    • 3 light sources
    •  multiple cutting devices
    • Primary and backup mask
    • Primary and backup dive computer
  • Successful completion brings unsupervised overhead diving within the follwoing limits:​
    • 1/3 air supply (1/6 for intro to cave)​
    • 130' maximum depth
    • No decompression
    • No equipment removal in overhead environment
    • Maintain a continuous guideline
    • Use of proper overhead environment equipment

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