Public Safety/Military Diving

Combining both public safety experience and an extensive knowledge of public safety diving, we can assist any dive team with training, equipment and assistance in building or maintaining the ability to respond to incidents in all environments from contaminated to open ocean water. We are available off-hours as well for any emergency needs your team may have. We currently work with most PSD Dive Teams in the Soutwest Florida region. 


PSD Equipment

Featuring PSD/Military equipment from OTS, DiveRite, Scubapro, DUI, OMS, Seac designed to work under demanding conditions. Especially designed for working in contaminated water or in hazardous conditions such as wrecked cars, low/no viz and overhead environments. Call us for a quote.

PSD Training

If you are building out a training plan for your team, let us know. We complete all levels of training with a focus on PSD skills. Foundational courses such as Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and specialties that focus on navigation and working in low/no viz overhead environments are regularly taught by our PSD instructors.

Specialized PSD Training

We offer a variety of training working with some of the best trainers in the industry. We can "sponsor" multi-agency courses providing logistical and trainer support, or provide a customized course that focuses on core PSD skills, Underwater Criminal Investigation, Vehicle Recovery, etc.

PSD Equipment Service

Critical life support equipment in a critical job. We can schedule service to minimize the amount of time equipment is not available. We can train divers on common equipment failures and field repair techniques to keep diving. We service most PSD brands in house.