• Enriched Air Nitrox

Enriched Air Nitrox

With our flexible schedules we make it convenient for you to get certified. Start with PADI's online learning and complete the knowledge development portions at your convenience. The next step is your classroom session with us at our shop.  The course is conducted over 2-3 hours.

The goal of this class is to prepare you to safely plan and execute dives using higher blends of oxygen.  Using enriched air nitrox, we can show you how to extend your dive time and shorten your surface intervals!  Enriched air dives require special planning and we will run simulation dives to make you confident and prepared.  In class you practice analyzing tanks and figuring out the best mixes for your dive profiles.

We run classes frequently and can accommodate most schedules. Minimum age to start is 12 years old.  This course is open to any divers with a Junior Open water dive certification or above. Give us a call for more information or sign up for class.

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Course goals:

  • Discuss the Knowledge Reviews from your eLearning and any questions you have before beginning the simulations
  • Define the limits of your dive certification and how to advance when you are ready
  • Understand the physics involved with Enriched Air and how to apply this to your own situation for a safe and fun dive experience
  • Discover the differences between enriched air and regular air equipment
  • Participate in pre-dive planning 
  • Calculate the appropriate  enriched air mix for your planned depth
  • Set your computer for nitrox diving. (Bring your personal computer with you to class if you have one.)
  • Learn how to analyze enriched air and about the protocols for handling these tanks

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