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Open Water

Did your interest in scuba diving bring you to this page? Of course! Think about it. Diving is exploring new places and stretching your experiences. You want to visit that mysterious underwater world of exotic fish, colorful corals, historic wrecks, caverns and caves. Your Open Water certification is good for a life of adventure. Start the PADI Open Water class and discover the other side of nature hiding beneath the waves. Learn and practice at your pace, in our small classes.

We run classes frequently, during the week and on weekends and can accommodate most schedules. It is best for knowledge retention to take the class all at once, but we are flexible and are open to work with you on scheduling.

Our cost includes everything for the course (no hidden fees) and our small semi-private classes will maximize your learning. The only things you need are your personal fit items: scuba quality mask, snorkel and fins.

Minimum age to start is 10 years old (under 16 will need to have a parent or guardian present with them during the class).  Give us a call to get more information or sign up for class. A scuba medical form is required.

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How does the PADI Open Water class work? You are the star in this movie!

  • Online training is your first step into the exciting waters ahead! There are 5 sections to complete at your convenience. This can be done via a browser or offline on a tablet.
  • Days 1 & 2 will typically be in the pool learning to scuba dive. You start by meeting your instructor at the store to review your eLearning and ask any questions you may have. Then you will be fitted for scuba equipment and start your pool training. Learn and practice at your pace, in our small classes.  
  • Day 3 generally will include 2 beach dives. This is where you transfer your new skills from the pool to the open water environment.  
  • Day 4 will continue your training in open water from another beach location. This day has more skill practice and a greater emphasis on you diving with your buddy (under the watchful eye of your instructor of course).  


Our goal is training you to be a competent and safe diver that continues to scuba dive well into the future. As well as become an advocate for the oceans so there is plenty to enjoy and experience for a long time.

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